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November 10, 2012
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A Sweet Christmas Story chapter1: A Sweet night</p>


-In Lucy’s house-

“It’s been 3 days since I got this cold, Achuu!!!” Lucy said while resting on her bed, because of the terrible cold she had.

She opened the television and watch the latest news, and as she was listening to the news, she heard an exciting word that came out from the television “3 days left, before Christmas” The news caster clearly stated.

“ohhh! I wish I was in the guild! I terribly miss Natsu, Gray, Erza, Happy, Wendy, Charles and everybody else. I wonder what they’re doing right now, maybe they’re preparing for Christmas..” she said to herself sadly.

-In the guild-

Everyone is preparing for Christmas, Everyone is happy and enjoying themselves as they decorate the Christmas decorations all over the guild, but except for natsu.

“why the long face natsu?” Mira asked natsu

Without even noticing the question, natsu asked, “ Do you know where Lucy is?”
“Yes, I know where she is, she is in her house, because she has a cold. you miss him don’t cha?”
Then natsu ran away from the guild after saying thanks to mira.

“I’m going to Lucy’s house no matter what! I miss her for three days and I don’t like missin her! It makes me ……….. feel lonely without her” natsu said to him self while running to lucy’s house.

As soon as natsu reached Lucy’s house, as expected, He entered the window ( as usual) Then he saw Lucy sleeping on her bed with lots of blankets and pillows all over her. The he touched lucy’s forehead to check her temperature.

“Man! Lucy has a high fever” he said to his self worriedly, and then he did everything he could to get rid of Lucy’s fever.  He place a wet Towel in her Forehead and wipe her arms and legs with another wet towel.

“I will never leave you Lucy, No matter what” he said, and as the night pass by, he stayed in lucy’s house and look after her

The next day….

“haaa!” Lucy yawned and stretched her arms upward.

“This scarf, This looks familiar I know who Oww…” He saw natsu’s scarf and follow the lead where the scarf is, and as she follows with her eyes, she noticed that the scarf is just nearly beside her.
“Natsu?” She said and saw natsu in a deep sleep beside her and after a few minutes, she noticed the towel in her forehead.
“thanks for taking care of me Natsu” she said to her self.

Then She got up feeling better While Natsu is still snoring in his sleep, then she cooked breakfast for the both of them.

“Lucy?” Natsu asked.
“oh, Natsu you’re awake” she replied

“Are you feeling better now luce?” he asked again.
“yes natsu, thank you” she said

“you’re welcome lucy” he said and smiled

-In the Dining room-

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re sick?” Natsu asked
“I-I don’t want you to worry Natsu” she said in repl

“But I’m your ……… so you should tell me” He said while Holding lucy’s hands

“You got a point there, anyways, mind going to the park later? I heard Happy’s going there with Charles”

“Okay” He said and give lucy a huge smile

Then, lucy took a bath, after her was natsu’s turn but when lucy’s about to go to the bed room, she dropped her under wear and natsu saw it too so that means, natsu knew what color of underwear is lucy wearing for today.( Embarrassing moment for Girls)

Now, they’re ready to go to the park, and as they walk to the park, natsu holds Lucy’s hand. As soon as they reached the park, They started to look for happy and Charles.

After 10 minutes of looking for happy and Charles, They didn’t find them.

“so Lucy, you said you heard  happy and charles going here, I wonder where they are” natsu said while wrapping his arms into lucy’s shoulders.
“I heard that they’re going here today, Decemcer 22” Lucy said.
“Lucy?” Natsu said and gave her a strange look.

“Natsu? what’s with the face?” She said worriedly

“today is…….. December 23” natsu added

“ohh gosh! I guess I got this because of over sleeping!” she said and put her hand on her face.
Then natsu hold lucy’s hand and remove it from her face.

“Its okay Luce, so that means the two of us” he said seriously.

“yeah you’re right, Lets explore the park shall we?” Lucy asked
“that’s a great idea!” Them natsu grabbed her wrists so whatever happens, they’re together.

So, they explored the park, they ate yummy treats and gone fishing.
After that beautiful day, they went home together

-Back to Lucy’s house-

“haahhh… that was a nice day, don’t you think lucy?” Natsu said  while the both of them is sitting on the couch.

“Yep” she replied

As silence gather all over the room, The two of them looked each other in the eye and for some reason, natsu got nearer to lucy’s face and kissed her on the lip,
No one was there, so they don’t care what their position was. All they know is the sweet feeling between them. It was a very long kiss .

Now, They’re ready to sleep, but there’s something bothering lucy’s head.
“Natsu? what are we going to do tomorrow?” she asked.
“ Mira, free,levy and gageel is going swimming tomorrow, actually, they invited everyone from the guild but I guess the others are going to play a traditional game tomorrow. well lucy? do you think we can go with mira and the others?” he said

“Of course! mu best friend levy is going anyway” she said
“okay luce” he said and turn of the lights

( wondering were he slept? of course he slept beside lucy)

and together, they sleep comfortably, because  tomorrow awaits another wonderful day.

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Forgive my mistakes : :iconimsosorryplz:

chapter 1: [here]
chapter 2: [link]

graylu story: [link]

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